Process Manager History

Process Manager first started operation four years ago, as Click2Measure, Business Process Management software, to help manage business processes and as a result organizations can decrease costs and increase efficiency. The software was deployed in a large Business Processing outsourcing company and today it has been rebranded and updated the user interface and graphics.

Process Managers core team consist of four, experienced business leaders, and one of our co-founders has been a trainer for 11 years, a coach for 7, and for 6 years he has been streamlining and implementing lean management methods in top corporate companies.

Process Manager is now expanding its services to other top companies, in order for the companies to measure business processes, with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue and growth, as well as increased speed, and efficiency in those companies.

Business process management

Dominik Morawski

Dominik, runs a number of companies, including an IT company specializing in website, application and software development, and a nationwide full-service advertising agency, specializing in widely understood outdoor advertising and various other companies.

Business process management

Marcin Schoen

Marcin is the founder and co-founder of a number of exciting startups, including telesecurity, a comprehensive personal security system, as well as a PR agency.


Process Manager
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